Hi. My name is Amantha and I am a first time mum to an awesome little girl called Frankie. I am totally in love with her, but also completely and utterly sleep deprived. When I am not being a mum, I run innovation consultancy Inventium.

Me and Frankie

Me and Frankie

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  1. We have been doing the pat pat method for a couple of months now to resettle our bubba and it’s been great. We are now doing the ten min and 2 min wait times. My question is what do you do when they are hysterical and crying and the pat pat doesn’t work? It has happened sometimes where we go in to pat him and he is so upset he is kicking and thrashing around and won’t stop crying. We have been picking him up and consoling him which can take a while then and trying again

    • Hi Stella, I am pretty sure that you are meant to persist with the patting. Masada talked about how it is important to be consistent (as incredibly hard as that can be), otherwise, it trains them to kick and scream as they know that’s the thing they can do to get themselves picked up and cuddled…having said that, they did say that if after three rounds of patting and waiting, it’s OK to give the bub a cot cuddle (sit them up in the cot and give them a cuddle but don’t take them out of the cot).

  2. Hi Amantha!

    First of all a huge huge thank you for the detailed description of what a sleep school look like for us mums whose babies are not sleeping but are too scared to go to sleep school thinking that they will torture our babies!

    Since that myth was crushed in my mind from reading your blog I have decided to talk to other mums about their sleep school experience and after much thought decided to go to Mitcham. I was wondering whether you would be interested in publishing my experience in Mitcham so mums have one place to compare and decide which sleep school is good for their bub? I run a food blog normally and I just thought it would be more beneficial if they don’t have to search all over the place to compare sleep schools.

    My email address is piggyeatalot at gmail if you think that’s cool :).

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