What does life look like 6 weeks post Masada Sleep School?

Today marks our six week anniversary since “graduating” from the Masada Mother Baby Unit sleep school. Overall, it’s been awesome – although there have definitely been a few challenges. Let’s start with the awesome:

The stuff that has got better

Frankie is well and truly into a routine (which I often manage to stuff up when I try to have a life, but that’s a story for another post). I wrote about her routine here and it has helped infinitely in organising my life around Frankie’s. For example, 9-10am is what I call “the hour of productivity”. Frankie is always asleep at this time which means I can do things like have a phone conference for work, write a proposal for a client, or even have a shower (crazy stuff like that). Then, depending on when she wakes from her first nap, I am given a bit of structure for the rest of the day too through knowing roughly when she will feed/play/sleep.

Me during my "hour of productivity"

Me during my “hour of productivity”

Despite having a bad left boob, I am still, somehow, exclusively breastfeeding. Prior to Masada, this meant being chained to Frankie who was a champion little snacker – feeding every 2-2.5 hours. She now only needs feeding every 3.5-4 hours, which means I can actually leave Frankie for a couple of hours and not worry about her dying of hunger. Amazing.

I have read that there are all sorts of definitions of what “sleeping through the night means” – ranging from sleeping from 7-7, through to sleeping for five hours in a row (which makes no sense to me as a definition as five hours does not maketh a night). Frankie has become an awesome little sleeper at night. She now always goes down without too much of a fuss between 6.30-7pm. We wake her up for a dream feed at 11/11.30pm, and then she is now almost always sleeping through ’til around 6.30 or 7am. This is a VERY different Frankie to the pre-Masada one. Granted, she is six weeks older, but what I love most is the predictability. My husband and I can now do mental stuff like have people over for dinner at 7pm and have uninterrupted conversation.

Nap time

Nap time

I am no longer a completely sleep deprived wreck. I am just a slightly sleep deprived one. Because Frankie sleeps in such big chunks at night, that means I can too. I can also nap during the day when Frankie naps (and boy do I love napping). Having said that, I am often plagued by insomnia (again, a story for another day) so while in theory I am getting massive chunks in bed with my eyes shut, it doesn’t always equate to sleep. But still, when I can kick the insomnia, I look forward to feeling more normal again…

The stuff that has NOT got better

Recurrent Mastitis. Although I did see the amazing lactation consultant Sue Shaw a couple of days ago and I think I may have solved that problem. Fingers crossed. I am one week free of blocked boobs – a record for me for the past month.

We can’t do the side pat anymore! Now – this is a BIG BUMMER. A week after Masada, Frankie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Great that it was picked up early, but not great for using the Masada Pat Pat. Because Frankie is wearing a Pavlik Harness 23.5 hours a day, we are not allowed to turn her on her side! I called up Masada for some advice, and they said to just pat her on her chest and at the front of the nappy. However, this makes her MORE unsettled. She screams like we have never heard her scream before. I called up Masada again to get more advice, but no one has returned my call…very frustrating. So what this means in practice is if Frankie is unsettled, we don’t really have many tricks up our sleeve. Luckily she has been really great at self settling since Masada, but we still have grizzle hour at about 5pm every night, and we normally just give in and get her up early.

Frankie in her Pavlik harness. No more side patting for us :(

Frankie in her Pavlik harness. No more side patting for us 😦

For those who have been playing along at home, I’d love to hear how you are tracking. And if you are a fellow Masada graduate, I’d love to hear how things are going for you!

23 thoughts on “What does life look like 6 weeks post Masada Sleep School?

  1. Hi Amantha,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog, my daughter was unfortunate to have colic during her first 12 weeks on earth which meant she hated lying down. To get her to sleep involved rocking back and forth for an hour and slowly moving her into the cot and she’s be there for 20 minutes. She was only getting 10 hours sleep in a 24 hour period and life wasn’t great. After reading your blog, I can put her in her cot, walk out of the room and she’s asleep within a few minutes and clocking a good 12 – 14 hours sleep a day. I’ve shared your blog with my mothers group and had proven to be a success helping more babies get more sleep and mummies getting time to sit down with a cuppa and enjoy the old reruns of Home and Away!! Thank you, you’re an angel! Good luck with Frankie’s hip, she’s adorable

  2. Hi Amantha
    How’s it going?

    Have you had any troubles with Frankie during the dreaded 4 month sleep regression? And how did you go increasing her awake time to 2 hours?

    We finally have out little girl doing the day sleeps perfectly (almost the same as what you do with Frankie) but still waking up once between 3-5 for a feed. Haven’t reached double birth weight yet. You refer to Frankie doing a big chunk of sleep at night – is she still waking for a feed after the DF?

    Did masada explain what you need to do once she doubles her weight but is still waking 3-5? How can you eliminate that she’s not actually hungry?

    Our little girl used to be a shocking day sleeper – catnapped all day….but the saving grace is she used to sleep through the night. But then as we perfected the day sleeps…the night sleeps came undone!! In our house sleeps apparently does not promote sleep =(

    • Hi Ani – would you believe that Frankie never went through the dreaded four month regression? We were VERY relieved!! Fingers crossed we avoid the six month one 🙂 And if your bub is still waking for the overnight feed but has doubled her birth weight, you can use the Pat Pat to resettle (with the theory being that she should be eating enough during the day).

  3. Hi amantha, sorry to here about Frankies hip. Was wondering what your routine is like now frankie is older. She’s similar to my Sophie (i commented previously) so just wondering where you are with number and length of sleeps and what time she goes down at night and wakes in the morning. Also how long she stays awake now? Sophie has just doubled her birth weight but i’m reluctant to drop the feeds at night at this stage. She’s naturally going longer stretches now anyway. Is frankie on solids yet? Did masada get back to you on settling without the side pat? Cheers claire

    • Hi Claire! In answer to your questions….
      – No, Masada did not give me any help with alternatives to side patting 😦
      – Yes, Frankie is on solids – more “tasting”, than “eating” though.
      – Frankie is now awake for bw 1.5-2 hours (at 5 months old)
      – And here is her current routine:

      7.30am – wakes up, feed, play, put to bed.
      9am – nap – 1.5-2 hours
      10.45/11am – wakes up, feed, play, put to bed.
      12.30pm (ish) – nap – 1.5-2 hours
      2.30pm (ish) – wakes up, feed, play, put to bed
      4pm (ish) – nap – 1 hour (but if she sleeps for longer, then brilliant!)
      5/5.30pm (ish) – wakes up, a bit of low key play time, bath time, feed.
      6.30pm/7pm (ish) – sleep.
      10.30/11pm – dream feed.

      • Great routine! So she is sleeping through the night?! Well done! Did you have to resettle her instead of the feed or did she just stop waking for it? 🙂

  4. Hi Amantha, I have been to Masada and have been home 2.5weeks. I’m finding my little one is only sleeping 45-1hr each sleep. Did you find this happened with Frankie post Masada and did she improve? I have been so strict and feel like I’m not winning with the day sleeps!!

    • Hi Tara – we found that her first two naps were generally pretty good, but her last nap was problematic – she would only do 45mins-1hour. However, she gradually improved and now we often have to wake her up from her final nap of the day!

      • Thanks Amantha, I never expected it to be this hard post Masada! I suppose I thought things would get easier sooner! Do you think it took the whole 6 weeks to consolidate Frankie’s sleep, and how long did you stay home for post Masada? Our nights are much better bit days are still tough! My boy is nearly 4months so would have been similar age to Frankie during the sleep training 😊

  5. Yep – we definitely had challenges post-Masada. I would say that 6 weeks post-Masada, things were pretty good. But 3 months post Masada, things are awesome and Frankie is consistently a great sleeper and we pretty much never have to resettle her – which is bloody amazing! I think that consistency is really important, and having as many naps in the cot as possible helped us heaps.

  6. Thanks Amantha, so good to hear! We have had two awesome days but two terrible nights 😩 I hope it gets better and tonight is nicer! Sometimes you start to lose hope. Really glad to hear of the success for you, well done on persevering!

  7. Hi Amantha,

    I love the blog, ts great to have something to refer to, I just wish my time with it was going as rosey as yours seemed to! I’m a week in and finding it hideous! My 4 month old will sleep for 30 minutes and I’ll spend the entire hour and a half resettling him! We’re talking screaming the house down! I’m exhausted from all the patting every two minutes! What can I do?? It’s currently 5pm and he’s still screaming, he’s been in his cot since 4! 😫

    • Oh Gemma – you poor thing! All I can say is (as difficult as it is), stick with the Masada rules. I know a lot of the mums in my cohort had set backs but the best way to move forward is to just go back to the Masada basics. The other option of course is to give Masada a buzz. The nurses would be happy to help, I am sure. Good luck!

  8. Hi Amantha, your blog is wonderful thank you! My question is… Do you count the time it takes for bub to fall asleep and/or be resettled as part of the 2 hour nap aim? So it would be the difference between 2 hrs in the cot of complete sleep or 2hrs of sleep plus any falling asleep/resettling time.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  9. Hi Amanta. So I’m considering sleep school and stumbled across your blog and saw your photo and though I saw a lady with a similar hairstyle recently and then it hit me! We were the couple sitting next to you and Frankie on Saturday at Kappaya Japanese! And our dog got very affectionate with Frankie I somehow put the two and two together. Just thought you’d find it amusing out of all the places in Melbourne and all the bloga! Six degrees of separation. Anyway great to hear that you had a positive experience at Masada. Gives me something to look forward to (light at the end of the tunnel).

  10. Hi Amantha, your blog is wonderful and very informative. Thank you! I noticed that your blog has been a few years back but i hope you are still checking your email that is link to this blog and i will get your reply. I am a first time mum and my daughter is almost 3 months old, about the time when you and Frankie went to Masada sleep school. I plan to follow your 3-6 months routine when my daughter is 3 months old. I am feeding her about every 3 hours now and sometimes she will have 2 night feeds and sometimes 1 night feed only and that is when we do a top up feed during DF but it doesn’t work everytime. She sleeps okay but we are rocking and patting (the normal patting) her to sleep now but planning to let her learn to self settle. Would like to know:
    1. How do you stretch from 2 to 2.5 hourly feed to 4 hourly feed overall? My daughter takes 5 minutes I each boob only during feed. I don’t think my milk supply is enough.
    2. Do you do a top up feed during DF so that Frankie can stretch longer in the night till 3-5am feed?
    3. What is the must do for babies to be able to self settle themselves to nap and sleep and sleep through the night – is it the grizzling and crying or the pat pat technique or anything that you think is the essential that makes things work for Frankie? Can i not do the grizzling or crying process and just do the pat pat technique as my daughter will cry till she cough? Does that work?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Sorry for the delay in replying!
      Q1 – you gradually lengthen the time between feeds out. It’s a slow-ish process but you will get there.
      Q2 – I can’t remember – sorry – but if I did, I would have mentioned it in the blog!
      Q3 – I think the pay pat technique and the waiting several minutes was the thing that helped Frankie learn how to self settle most effectively.

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